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What a beautiful family!

After doing her maternity photos, I could not wait to meet her little man.

Not only is he perfect but so is her baby girl, who is sweet as apple pie.


Just a few images from a fantastic session.


















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Sunshine Photography/Hopkinton, MA/ How To Find Back Button Focus BACK BUTTON FOCUS


What is Back Button Focus? 

One of the best things I have learned to get tack sharp images!

Normally the camera focuses when you press the shutter half way down, you would then recompose and take the photo by pressing the button fully down. Back button focus allows you to assign another button on the back of your camera to activate focusing instead of your shutter button. On the canon the AF-ON will be your back button focus.

Why switch?

Well, to get tack sharp, crisp, and clear images!

By using back button focus, you focus on your subject once, you can then take as many photos as you want without having to worry about loosing focus as long as your distance from your subject does not change. However, if you have very active subjects, such as kiddos on the move, you would keep your finger on the bbf, allowing your camera to continuously autofocus and follow your subjects movement. When you hit the shutter, your thumb still needs to be pressing the bbf the entire time, both actions work simultaneously. I also use a dynamic autofocus mode (AI-SERVO), I keep it in this mode at all times so I can go from a posed photo to an action shot without having to change settings. 

Just a word of caution it takes time to get used to the bbf but once you nail it you won't ever want to go back.


Where can I find my back button focus?

I am going to show you where to find it on the Canon 7D.

You can google or youtube where to find it on your camera.


Step One

You will need to select your menu button which is on the left of your camera as seen in photo to access this menu. Next make sure the camera icon is highlighted, scroll down to Operation/Others option and select it.


Step Two

 Make sure you scroll through on the top right of the screen until you get to the number 1 then select it.



Step Three

Make sure the top option is highlighted and select it.


Step Four

This is the last step to assign your AF-ON as your back button focus, make sure the middle option is highlighted and select.

That's it, you have know assigned your AF-ON button to be your bbf.


I hope you will give bbf a try! 







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Baby Girl Newborn Session / Metrowest Family-Newborn Photographer / Hopkinton, MA  


What a wonderful session with this family and their newest member baby A.

 It seems like yesterday that I was taking their little man's newborn photos and look at him now. <3




 Mom wanted a few photos that were a bit more posed but baby A. was not ready to sleep. She was just wide eyed and alert to everything that was going on.



  Baby A finally asleep.





If you are looking for a newborn photographer, I would be honored to be your photographer.



















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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session: Low Light Lifestyle Newborn Session: Low Light



 I really enjoy the challenge of working in homes that are a bit darker and don't have a lot of light.


When your home has less natural light, it is perfectly okay. I will keep you close to any good window light, your images will have more contrast and be on the darker side but just as beautiful as a light and airy.


Below are a few examples of a newborn session in a home with less light.




I love documenting sweet, snuggly, and adorable baby and family photos in all types of light.


If you have a little one on the way, I would love to document those special moments for you!








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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session: What to Expect  


Sometimes the Littlest things take up the most room in your heart.

                                           -Winnie the Pooh


Let me start by saying how much I love newborn sessions!

Those little precious bundles of joy with their tiny hands and feet make my heart melt into one big ooey gooey puddle.

The newborn stage goes by so fast, which makes a newborn session all the more important.

Before you know it those tiny little hands and feet aren't so tiny any more.

How do I know this? Because my precious bundles of joy are 26, 24 & 19.




What to expect during your session.


I am a lifestyle natural light newborn photographer. Natural light meaning I will use the available light from a nearby window rather than lighting equipment. Lifestyle as in, I do very minimal posing not to say I don't pose at all. I want to capture authentic connections with your newborn rather than focusing on the perfect pose.

I will give you prompts and then let the natural moments happen. Your photos will result in more candid images with a few of the whole family looking and smiling for the camera but that will not be the primary focus. I will lightly pose your baby but I won't be doing any advanced posing. While I don't bring props, I am more than happy to use any props you would like to include.


Getting your home ready.


 Do not stress about the condition of your home!


You have a brand new baby, I know exactly how wonderful but tiring that can be and the last thing you need is to worry about the condition of your home. Minimizing the clutter is all that is needed. Below are a few but easy suggestions on getting your home ready.


  • Clear off bed side tables of any cups, paper, bottles, baby monitors, etc... Leave anything you don't mind being in the photo.


  • In the living room, hide the remotes and again any clutter on end tables.


  • In the nursery, hide the pile of diapers, in a closet as well as the baby monitor and anything else you don't want in your image.


  • Solid sheets & comforters are best for the nursery and master bedroom, I prefer cream or white. If you don't have cream or white any solid color will do. If you have a duvet cover that is a solid color on the inside, you can always turn it inside out.


  • Unplug any lights and hide the cords if they are on the floor. We will be using window light and all interior lighting will need to be turned off in the rooms we will be using. Make sure blinds or curtains are open.


If you are ready to book or have any questions, worries or anything else, you can email, text or call me.

I would be honored and happy to document this special time for you!


[email protected]

























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